Jailbreak apps installation Guide (Windows)

Step 1

Get your UDID and Register it with Velonzy. Learn more

Step 2

Go to the "Velozny Jailbreak app list" and select an app which you want to install.

Step 3

Click the download button and paste your UDID code, Then the app will download to your computer. Drag it to the desktop

Step 4

Download the Velonzy Jailbreak app installer for Windows from following page

Step 5

Install the software to your computer. It takes few minutes

Step 6

Open the software and click "Cydia Impactor" link

Step 7

Plug your device to PC

Step 8

OK, Now drag the Jailbreak app to Cydia Impactor.

Step 9

Type an Apple ID username and password.
( We recommend to create a new Apple ID for every ten app installations)
Create new Apple ID from here . You can create unlimited number of Apple IDs for free

Step 10

OK, Now it installs the Jailbreak app to your iOS device.

Step 11

OK, Now open your Settings, General & Device and Profile Management. Then trust the developer of the App.

Please contact us via ( support mail) if you any problem with this process.